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Print Spot has handled all my design and print needs for over a decade. The team is contemporary in their approach and the speed of completion is without compare! Look no further! The fine team at Print Spot will take care of you!

– Nancy Hyman

President, CEO
Ortho Referral Systems


I absolutely love these guys! Not only do they consistently exceed our expectations at Art of Tea in terms of quality and turnaround time, but most importantly they are truly great people. I always look forward to going to Print Spot to pick up materials, because I know I will be greeted with smiles and warm hospitality. Yes - we are in business together. But it feels more like an old friendship :)

Mona Jhunjhnuwala
Art of Tea

Frequently Asked Questions

List of top questions (and answers).

What type of files do you prefer?

PDF is king!

What’s the difference between CMYK and RGB?

CMYK and RGB are two different color models, and understanding the difference can mean producing a great-looking insert rather than a muddy, disappointing one. The RGB color model is used by monitors, televisions, scanners, and digital cameras. By mixing varying amounts of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks, you can create most other colors, the is called CMYK So why is the difference important? Most colors created on your RGB monitor can be duplicated using CMYK inks, but not all. All commercial, full-color printing uses CMYK inks. If you’re designing artwork in an RGB color space, we’ll have to convert it to CMYK to print. Depending on your artwork, the colors might shift a little or a lot.

What is 300dpi and why is it important?

Monitors do not have dots, but do have pixels; the closely related concept for monitors and images is pixels per inch or PPI. 300dpi is a standard derived from printers who used to reproduce images using a 150 line screen to prepare printing plates. Basically it is the best for your work to look just as good as it does on your monitor!

What is the typical turn around for my job?

Our typical turn around is 3-5 business days, but if you need it sooner, we are well known for accommodating!

Does it cost more to have a rush?

Depending on what you order and how complicated it is. Come into the shop and bring your file. We can determine a better gage on managing your expectations.

Do you guys do copies? Do we make copies!?

Oh my do we make copies! We have one black and white copier that runs about 100 copies per minute. We have two color copiers that run about 70 copies per minute.

What are bleeds, crop marks, and how do I make them?

The term bleed is used for all objects overlapping the border off your document. Let’s say you’re working on a brochure with images against the sides of your pages. You’ll supply the Print Spot with a document somewhat larger then the final document will be. For every job you send to the Print Spot you need to place crop marks on your document. Every industry-standard program on the market will do this automatically (although there will be a few exceptions when you’ll have to make them by hand). How far the crop marks should be from the document border is something you should discuss with us. For most jobs 3 to 6 mm is fine.

What type of machine do you run on?

We use only the best! Konica Minolta for digital printing and AB Dick for press printing! The models we have for the digital printing is a 1070 and a 7000.

Can you print on my specialty paper?

Of course! We will work with all your printing needs.

What are your hours?

We are open Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm. Closed on regular holidays.

Where are you located?

We are located in the Monterey Galleria at 2075 S. Atlantic Boulvard, Suite I, right across the street from I-Hop!